Why You Need A Christian Business Network

We are pleased to present new membership group options for the serious business owner who wants access to educational opportunities and networking among Christians who are making a difference through business. Find out more about why you need a Christian business support system to reach the level of excellence you seek.

Time To Stop Holding Back- A NEW Vision For The CEBN

Have you ever realized that you were holding back your all from those you are called to serve? I have. Let me tell you what God showed me about the seriousness of the withholding.

Navigating the Social Media Maze

How do I get started? What do I post? How do I sift through so much information to find the social media strategy that will work for  me? Watch to get some answers.

What Is GOD’s Purpose For Your Business?

God's purpose for our vocation mirrors his two greatest commandments. Find out how paying attention to these will allow you to run a God-honoring business. https://youtu.be/liPHJruxyLs