Social Media News Updates

Staying informed about algorithm updates, new features and changes to Terms of Service can be challenging for any entrepreneur relying on social media as an important part of his or her marketing strategy. We can help. We search the latest feeds regularly so you don't have to.

How I Came To Love Sharing About Content Marketing

As I started journey to learn all that I could, I discovered one disturbing fact- some of the websites and books offering information on these topics were outdated and unhelpful.Many seemed geared only to enterprise level brands. Even references from just several months or 1-year ago were already outdated as social media platforms change their [...]

Who Will Benefit From Victoria Content Marketing Solutions?

• Who can benefit from my products and services? Any ambitious, serious entrepreneur who is determined to create value and enriching products and services and who wants to lead the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. • The very best fit will be entrepreneurs who are committed to using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to [...]

Explode your business using Facebook groups (Hint:Use the 4:1 rule for this get rich slow plan)

Do you belong to various Facebook groups with the goal of promoting your business to the members of the group? If you have not already noticed, I will tell you now: posting your business offerings over and over again to various groups is generally not conducive to turn fellow group members into paying customers. You [...]

Find Your Voice Using Social Media

Do you need to find your voice? Do you find it difficult to speak up about topics you feel passion for and are important to you? Social media gives you an instant, free platform to say all that you want to say and be who you really are. Once you become stronger and more authentic [...]

How To Build Relationships On Facebook

To build relationships on FB, consider two aspects. What you share on your own wall. On your own wall, be personal and authentic. Share what gets you excited, happy or inspired. Answer questions or like comments.  How you interact with the posts of others. For others posts, encourage them. This can be by liking or [...]

Can You Be Christian In Your Business?

 Faith and Business- BFF Think you need to separate your Christian faith from your business to find success? There is a better way. Your faith and your business can be Best Friends Forever. You have been lied to. Either you have heard it said out loud, by example from other Christian entrepreneurs or inside your [...]